The Handbook of Journalism Studies

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November 2008



Charts the growing area of journalism studies, exploring the state of theory and setting an agenda for research in an international context. Structured around theoretical and empirical approaches, this title covers scholarship on news production and organizations; news content; journalism and society; and, journalism in a global context.


Part I: Introducing Journalism Studies 1 Introduction : On why and how we should do journalism studies Karin Wahl-Jorgensen & Thomas Hanitzsch 2 Journalism History Kevin G. Barnhurst & John Nerone 3 Journalism and the Academy Barbie Zelizer 4 Journalism Education Beate Josephi Part II: News Production 5 News Organizations and Routines Lee B. Becker & Tudor Vlad 6 Journalists as Gatekeepers Pamela J. Shoemaker, Tim P. Vos & Stephen D. Reese 7 Objectivity, Professionalism, and Truth Seeking in Journalism Michael Schudson & Chris Anderson 8 Reporters and Their Sources Daniel A. Berkowitz 9 Gender in the Newsroom Linda Steiner 10 Convergence and Cross-Platform Content Production Thorsten Quandt & Jane Singer Part III: News Content 11 Agenda Setting Renita Coleman, Maxwell McCombs, Donald Shaw & David Weaver 12 News Values and Selectivity Deirdre O'Neill & Tony Harcup 13 Nature, Sources and Effects of News Framing Robert M. Entman, Jorg Matthes & Lynn Pellicano 14 News, Discourse and Ideology Teun A. van Dijk 15 Rethinking News and Myth as Storytelling S. Elizabeth Bird & Robert W. Dardenne 16 The Commercialization of News John McManus Part IV: Journalism and Society 17 Journalism and Democracy Brian McNair 18 Journalism, Public Relations and Spin David Miller & William Dinan 19 Alternative and Citizen Journalism Chris Atton 20 Journalism Law and Regulation Kyu Ho Youm 21 Journalism Ethics Stephen J. A. Ward 22 Journalism and Popular Culture John Hartley 23 Audience Reception and News in Everyday Life Mirca Madianou Part V: Journalism Studies in a Global Context 24 Journalism and Globalization Simon Cottle 25 Development Journalism Xu Xiaoge 26 Advocacy Journalism in a Global Context Silvio Waisbord 27 Covering War and Peace Howard Tumber 28 Researching Public Service Broadcasting Hallvard Moe & Trine Syvertsen 29 Comparative Journalism Studies Thomas Hanitzsch 30 Towards De-Westernizing Journalism Studies Herman Wasserman & Arnold S de Beer List of Contributors Index


Karin Wahl-Jorgensen is Reader in the Cardiff School of Journalism, Media, and Cultural Studies, Cardiff University, Wales. Her work on media, democracy, and citizenship has been published in more than 20 international journals as well as in numerous books. Thomas Hanitzsch is Assistant Professor in the Institute of Mass Communication and Media Research at the University of Zurich. He founded the ICA's Journalism Studies Division and has published four books and more than 50 articles and chapters on journalism, comparative communication research, online media and war coverage.
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