The Green Bible

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Oktober 2008



" The Green Bible is a unique treasure for people who want to more fully live out the scriptural values of stewardship, love for their neighbors, and care for the underprivileged. It provides inspiration and valuable resources for contemplation, community building, and action on behalf of the planet." - Carl Pope, executive director, Sierra Club "Here is a Bible that helps us see that God is green, and that our faith in the God of heaven has to affect the way that we live on this earth. It is an invitation to dream in color, to re-imagine the world, and to breathe fresh life into the mess we've made just as the Creator breathed into dirt and made it walk." -Shane Claiborne, author of The Irresistible Revolution "Challenging, inspiring, and hopeful. The Green Bible will change the way you think, and the way you live." -Lauren F. Winner, Duke Divinity School, author of Girl Meets God Read the scriptures anew, with The Green Bible as your guide. With its eco-friendly materials, Green Trail Guide, topical index and inspirational essays, discover how caring for the earth is not only a calling, but a lifestyle.


"This is exactly what the Church needs at this critical time." Richard Cizik, vice president for Governmental Affairs, National Association of Evangelicals
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