The Global Game: Writers on Soccer

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The world's most popular sport, soccer, is also one of the planet's prevalent cultural expressions, celebrated and debated as an art form, observed with ritual and passion. Thus it has inspired literary efforts of every sort, from every corner of the globe, by women and men. The writings gathered in this volume reflect the universal and infinitely varied ways in which soccer connects with human experience. Poetry and prose from Ted Hughes, Charles Simic, Eduardo Galeano, Gunter Grass, Giovanna Pollarolo, 2010 Nobel Prize in Literature Winner Mario Vargas Llosa, and Elvis Costello--to name but a few--take us to a dizzying array of cultures and climes. From a patch of ground in Missoula, Montana, to a clearing in a Kosovo forest, from the stadiums of Burma and Iran to the northern lights over Greenland to remotest Sierra Leone, these writers show us soccer's stars and fans, politics and rituals, as well as the game's power to encourage resistance, inspire faith, and build community.


Preface; Acknowledgments; Note to ReadersPart 1. SpaceIntroduction; 1. The Orb / Klaus Rifbjerg; 2. The Origins / Eduardo Galeano; 3. Hem and Football / Nalinaksha Bhattacharya; 4. The Daily Life of Cameroonian Football / Bea Vidacs; 5. The Soccer Moms--1996 / David Starkey; 6. Atiguibas / Julio Ramon Ribeyro; 7. Why Eleven of All Numbers? Football between Carnival and Freemasonry / Erik Eggers; 8. Klapzuba's Eleven / Eduard Bass; 9. Holland, a Country of Clubs/ Simon Kuper; 10. Readymade / Alvaro Enrigue; 11. Soccer Fields, Fort Missoula / Bridget Carson; 12. "Get Him a Body Bag!" (A Brief, Enthusiastic Account) / Maria Graciela RodriguezPart 2. ImprovisationIntroduction; 13. Young Shoots / Lady Murasaki; 14. A Boy Juggling a Soccer Ball / Christopher Merrill; 15. Fallen from the Sky / Javier Marias; 16. Combing Over History / Stanley Matthews; 17. Encomiastic Arts of Our National Gamesmen / Antonio Skarmeta; 18. The Longest Penalty Ever / Osvaldo Soriano; 19. Fretting While the Scarlet Tide Make History / Elvis Costello; 20. Streaker Disrupts Iceland vs. Albania / Einar Mar Gudmundsson; 21. Football at Slack / Ted Hughes; 22. Dead Radio / Charles Simic; 23. Fahrenheit 1976 / Rogelio Ramos SignesPart 3. ChallengeIntroduction; 24. Dreaming of Sunday Afternoons / Giovanna Pollarolo; 25. A Fine Fla-Flu / Nelson Rodrigues; 26. Escaping with the Ball / Luiz Vilela; 27. Generals and Fools / Andrew Marshall; 28. 1974 / Gunter Grass; 29. End of the World / Gyorgy Dragoman; 30. Not So Much a Religion, More a Way of Life / Ian Jack; 31. Kimmel Springs vs. Metula / Ephraim Kishon; 32. For the Sake of My Right and Not Football / Anonymous; 33. Let the Games Begin / Subcomandante Marcos and Massimo MorattiPart 4. LossIntroduction; 34. On a Painting of Playing Football / Ch'ao Yueh-chih; 35. Beauty Is Nothing but the Beginning of a Terror We Can Hardly Bear / Uros Zupan; 36. Playing Football in Secret / Driton Latifi; 37. Why Does My Wife Love Peter Crouch? / Thom Satterlee; 38. The Dynamo Team: Legend and Fact / Anatoly Kuznetsov; 39. Boycotting the World Cup / Hebe de Bonafini and Matilde Sanchez; 40. Football in Athens, with Her / Donna J. Gelagotis Lee; 41. Sierra Leone, Social Learning, and Soccer / Paul Richards; 42. Parity / William Heyen; 43. Penalty Phase / Gay Talese; 44. Platko (Santander, May 20, 1928) / Rafael AlbertiPart 5. BeliefIntroduction; 45. The Lord's Prayer, Recast / Edilberto Coutinho; 46. Communicate, Lads / Elisabet Jokulsdottir; 47. Goal / Umberto Saba; 48. Living to Tell a Tale (Letter to Diego) / Hernan Casciari; 49. The Empty Pleasure / Mario Vargas Llosa; 50. Match / Sarah Wardle; 51. Zidane and Me / Philippe Dubath; 52. The Sunday I Became World Champion / Friedrich Christian Delius; 53. Art Works Football Club / Lawrence Cann; 54. Football Is / Crispin Thomas; 55. Arsarnerit: Inuit and the Heavenly Game of Football / Mark Nuttall; 56. On the Origin of Football / Miroslav HolubSource Acknowledgments; Further Reading


John Turnbull is a freelance writer on soccer and an editorial consultant. He maintains, a soccer Web site with an accent on women's soccer, media, and culture. Translator and author Thom Satterlee is associate professor of English at Taylor University. Alon Raab is a lecturer in the Department of Religious Studies at the University of California, Davis, and the author of articles, reviews, and interviews. Contributors: Rafael Alberti, Eduard Bass, Nalinaksha Bhattacharya, Hebe de Bonafini, Lawrence Cann, Bridget Carson, Hernan Casciari, Elvis Costello, Edilberto Coutinho, Erik Eggers, Friedrich Christian Delius, Gyorgy Dragoman, Philippe Dubath, Alvaro Enrigue, Eduardo Galeano, Gunter Grass, Einar Mar Guomundsson, William Heyen, Miroslav Holub, Ted Hughes, Ian Jack, Elisabet Jokulsdottir, Ephraim Kishon, Simon Kuper, Anatoly Kuznetsov, Driton Latifi, Donna J. Gelagotis Lee, Mario Vargas Llosa, Subcomandante Marcos, Javier Marias, Andrew Marshall, Stanley Matthews, Christopher Merrill, Massimo Moratti, Lady Murasaki, Mark Nuttall, Giovanna Pollarolo, Julio Ramon Ribeyro, Paul Richards, Klaus Rifbjerg, Nelson Rodrigues, Maria Graciela Rodriguez, Umberto Saba, Matilde Sanchez, Thom Satterlee, Rogelio Ramos Signes, Charles Simic, Antonio Skarmeta, Osvaldo Soriano, David Starkey, Gay Talese, Crispin Thomas, Bea Vidacs, Luiz Vilela, Sarah Wardle, Ch'ao Yueh-chih, and Uros Zupan.


"This volume features an irresistible combination: wonderfully rich essays and deeply nuanced literature, authored by brilliant writers, hailing from different cultures united in their love for soccer, that simple but oh so beautiful game. Kudos to the volume's editors for enriching us with these fine texts." Andrei Markovits, author of Offside: Soccer and American Exceptionalism "[T]he first truly global survey of writing on the global game. We should be grateful...Alongside Britain, the first great centres of footballing innovation were Central Europe and Latin America, and both are well represented here...the style and tone and subject matter of the pieces in this book are as diverse as the 208 member nations of FIFA...that in itself is one of the joys of dipping into The Global Game. But even better, the collection gives a powerful reminder to Anglo-Saxon literary cultures that football- the most global cultural phenomenon of all - has a rich, multivocal literary tradition." David Goldblatt, Times Literary Supplement, 9th Jan 2009 "There are some excellent pieces...Ian Jack is evocative in discussing Dunfermline, Slovenian poet Uros Zupan's piece on beauty and loss is poignant, and Mark Nuttall's on the importance of football to the Inuit is fascinating." Jonathan Wilson, FOURFOURTWO, Feb 2009
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