The Gendered Cyborg: A Reader

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September 1999



"The Gendered Cyborg brings together material from a variety of disciplines that analyze the relationship between gender and technoscience, and the way that this relationship is represented through ideas, language and visual imagery. The book opens with key feminist articles from the history and philosophy of science. They look at the ways that modern scientific thinking has constructed oppositional dualities such as objectivity/subjectivity, human/machine, nature/science, and male/female, and how these have constrained who can engage in science/technology and how they have limited our ideas of the possibilities for both humanity and science.Later sections contain readings that present key feminist theories about representation to examine how gender and technoscience are represented in areas of particular contemporary interest: the new human reproductive technologies, science fiction, film and the Internet. The readings constantly ask "Is this for women, for human beings?"Contributors: Alison Adam, Anne Balsamo, Lynda K. Bundtzen, Barbara Creed, Mary Ann Doane, Dion Farquhar, Jennifer Gonzalez, Evelynn M. Hammonds, Donna Haraway, Fiona Hovenden, Luce Irigaray, Linda Janes, Gill Kirkup, Nina Lykke, Sadie Plant, Rosalind Pollack Perchesky, Londa Schiebinger, Vivian Sobchack, Deborah Lynn Steinberg, Nancy Leys Stepan, Nina Wakeford, Kathryn Woodward.


<Gill Kirkup is Senior Lecturer in Educational Technology, Linda Janes is Staff Tutor in Sociology, Dr Kathryn Woodward is Staff Tutor in Sociology, and Dr Fiona Hovenden is IT consultant at the Open University.>


"A collection whose relevance definitley exceeds its use as a course absolutely essential feminist response (that) will continue to be relevnat for a long time. Veronica Hollinger, Science Fiction Sudies, Vol. 28."
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