The Eye, the Hand, the Mind: 100 Years of the College Art Association

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Januar 2011



The Eye, the Hand, the Mind, celebrating the centennial of the College Art Association, is filled with pictorial mementos and enlivening stories and anecdotes that connects the organization's sixteen goals and tells its rich, sometimes controversial, story. Readers will discover its role in major issues in higher education, preservation of world monuments, workforce issues and market equity, intellectual property and free speech, capturing conflicts and reconciliations inherent among artists and art historians, pedagogical approaches and critical interpretations/interventions as played out in association publications, annual conferences, advocacy efforts, and governance.


SUSAN BALL is the director of programs at the New York Foundation for the Arts, the executive director emerita of the College Art Association, and the director of the College Art Association Centennial Book Project. In addition to editing "The Eye, the Hand, the Mind, " she contributed a significant chapter.
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