The Experience of Crusading

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This collection of seventeen essays by leading researchers is published with a companion volume to celebrate the sixty-fifth birthday of Jonathan Riley-Smith, the leading British historian of the Crusades. The subjects focus on the theory and practice of crusading and the contributions which were made by the military orders.


Jonathan Riley-Smith, the crusades and the military orders: an appreciation Norman Housley and Marcus Bull; Part I. The Crusades and Crusading: 1. Views of Muslims and of Jerusalem in miracle stories, c. 1000-c. 1200: reflections on the study of first crusaders' motivations Marcus Bull; 2. A further note on the conquest of Lisbon in 1147 Giles Constable; 3. Costing the crusade: budgeting for crusading activity in the fourteenth century Norman Housley; 4. The crusading motivation of the Italian city republics in the Latin East, c. 1096-1104 Christopher Marshall; 5. Odo of Deuil's De profectione Ludovici VII in orientem as a source for the second crusade Jonathan Phillips; 6. Innocent III and Alexius III: a crusade plan that failed James M. Powell; 7. The Venetian fleet for the fourth crusade and the diversion of the crusade to Constantinople John H. Pryor; Part II. The Catholic Church and the Crusade: 8. The conquest of Jerusalem: Joachim of Fiore and the Jews Anna Sapir Abulafia; 9. Crusades, clerics, and violence: reflections on a canonical theme James A. Brundage; 10. Humbert of Romans and the crusade Penny J. Cole; 11. Christianity and the morality of warfare during the first century of crusading H. E. J. Cowdrey; 12. Holy war and holy men: Erdmann and the lives of the saints John France; 13. The Bible moralisee and the crusades Christoph T. Maier; 14. The hospitallers in twelfth-century Constantinople Anthony Luttrell; 15. Serving king and crusade: the military orders in royal service in Ireland, 1220-1400 Helen Nicholson; Part III. Retrospective: 16. The first crusade in post-war fiction Susan Edgington; 17. Nineteenth-century perspectives of the first crusade Elizabeth Siberry.


Marcus Bull is Senior Lecturer in History, University of Bristol. Norman Housley is Professor of History, University of Leicester.


'This is certainly a Festschrift to be welcomed ...' Alan Borg, Church Times 'It is a splendid collection for interested readers and undergraduates as well as a barometer to the state of research and opinion within historians ... [it gives] us an up-to-date understanding of many, if not all, the aspects that make up the Crusading world.' Contemporary Review '... there is something for everyone here ...' Church Times 'It is a splendid collection for interested readers and undergraduates as well as a barometer to the state of research and opinion within historians ... Anyone wishing a general introduction to this fascinating period and one which is told with erudition and understanding should look no further.' Contemporary Review
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