The Evidence Base of Clinical Diagnosis: Theory and Methods of Diagnostic Research

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November 2008



This unique book presents a framework for the strategy and methodology of diagnostic research, in relation to its relevance for practice. Now in its second edition The Evidence Base of Clinical Diagnosis has been fully revised and extended with new chapters covering the STARD guidelines (STAndards for the Reporting of Diagnostic accuracy studies) and the multivariable analysis of diagnostic data. With contributions from leading international experts in evidence-based medicine, this book is an indispensable guide on how to conduct and interpret studies in clinical diagnosis. It will serve as a valuable resource for all investigators who want to embark on diagnostic research and for clinicians, practitioners and students who want to learn more about its principles and the relevant methodological options available.


1. General introduction: evaluation of diagnostic procedures.
2. The architecture of diagnostic research.
3. Assessment of the accuracy of diagnostic tests: the cross-sectional study.
4. Diagnostic Testing and Prognosis: The randomised controlled trial in test evaluation research.
5. The diagnostic before-after study to assess clinical impact.
6. Designing studies to ensure that estimates of test accuracy will travel.
7. Analysis of data on the accuracy of diagnostic tests:.
8. Multivariable analysis in diagnostic accuracy studies. What are the possibilities?.
9. Standards of reporting on diagnostic accuracy studies.
10. Guidelines for conducting systematic reviews of studies evaluating the accuracy of diagnostic tests.
11. Producing and using clinical prediction rules.
12. Clinical problem solving and diagnostic decision making: a selective review of the cognitive research literature.
13. Improving test ordering and its diagnostic cost effectiveness in clinical practice - bridging the gap between clinical research and routine health care.
14. Epilogue: overview of evaluation strategy and challenges


Andre Knottnerus, Professor of General Practice, Maastricht University. He is involved in the Cochrane movement for drawing up tools for accurate diagnostic testing
Frank Buntinx, Professor, Department of Public Health, Leuven University. He is one time chair of the Cochrane Collaboration Diagnostic and Screening Tests Working Group


"An invaluable reference ophthalmologists involved in conduting or interpreting studies on diagnostic research." (Eye News, 1 October 2010)" This is a thorough compilation of clinical research methods and practices." ( Doody's Reviews , March 2009)
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