The Ethics of Managed Care: Professional Integrity and Patient Rights

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Dezember 2002



This collection provides a philosophical and historical analysis of the development and current situation of managed care. It discusses the relationship between physician professionalism and patient rights to affordable, high quality care. Its special feature is its depth of analysis as the philosophical, social, and economic issues of managed care are developed. It will be of interest to educated readers in their role as patients and to all levels of medical and health care professionals.


Acknowledgements. Introduction; W.B. Bondeson, J.W. Jones. 1. Rationing Health Care: Inherent Conflicts within the Concept of Justice; E.D. Pellegrino. 2. Ethical Dilemmas in Managed Care for the Practitioner; E.V. Boisaubin. 3. Managed Care and the Practice of the Professions; C. Tollefsen. 4. The AMA's Position on the Ethics of Managed Care; B.A. Brody. 5. Medicine and Managed Care, Morals and Markets; R.M. Sade. 6. A Radical Challenge to the Traditional Conception of Medicine: On the Need to Move Beyond Economic Factors When Considering the Ethics of Managed Care; G. Khushf. 7. Managed Care and the Deprofessionalization of Medicine; H.T. Engelhardt Jr. 8. The Ethics and Empirics of Trust; M.A. Hall. 9. Ethics of Managed Care: In Search of Grounding; M.A.G. Cutter. 10. Back to the Future: From Managed Care to Patient-Managed Care; E.H. Morreim. 11. Care and Managed Care: Psychological Factors Relevant to Healthcare and its Delivery; D.R. Fleisher. Notes on Contributors. Index.
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