The English Levellers

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The levellers were a crucial component of a radically democratic movement formed during the English civil wars. Much leveller activity occurred in print and their texts now form an important part of the liberal and social democratic canon. An Introduction by the editor here sets the leveller ideas in their context and, together with a chronology and short biographies of the leading figures, is essential reading for students of the English civil wars and the history of political thought.


Introduction: the English Levellers, 1645-1649; Chronological table; Bibliographical note; Notes on the texts; Leveller texts: 1. John Lilburne, 'On the 150th page': an untitled broadsheet of August 1645; 2. William Walwyn, Toleration justified and persecution condemned, 29 January 1646; 3. John Lilburne, Postscript to The freeman's freedom vindicated, 16 June 1646; 4. Richard Overton with William Walwyn's collaboration, A remonstrance of many thousand citizens, 7 July 1646; 5. Richard Overton, An arrow against all tyrants, 12 October 1646; 6. William Walwyn, Gold tried in the fire, 4 June 1647; 7. Several hands, An agreement of the people for a firm and present peace upon grounds of common right and freedom, 28 October 1647; 8. Members of the New Model Army and civilian Levellers, Extract from the debates at the General Council of the Army, Putney, 29 October 1647; 9. John Lilburne and others, The petition of 11 September 1648; 10. John Lilburne, England's new chains discovered, 26 February 1649; 11. William Walwyn, and on behalf of John Lilburne, Thomas Prince and Richard Overton, A manifestation, 14 April 1649; 12. John Lilburne, William Walwyn, Thomas Prince and Richard Overton, An agreement of the free people of England, 1 May 1649; 13. John Lilburne, The young men's and the apprentices' outcry, 29 August 1649; Select biographies; Index.


"Sharp's collection is an excellant introduction to a fascinating and often overlooked area of political philosophy, and will hopefully lead the reader toward the many other radical texts of the English Civil War." A.V.G, Ethics
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