The Economics of Transition: The Fifth Nobel Symposium in Economics

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Dezember 2006



This book is an authoritative reader on the economics of transition and emphasizes a view of transition that addresses broader areas of economics, such as development, public finance, and economic history.


Introduction; E.Berglöf & G.Roland Soft Budget Constraint Theories: From Centralization to the Market; E.Maskin When does Privatization Work? The Impact of Private Ownership on Corporate Performance in the Transition Economies; R.Frydman, C.Gray, M.Hessel &
A.Rapaczynski Disorganization and Financial Collapse; D.Marin & M.Schnitzer Transition with Labour Supply; T.Boeri The Evolution of Output in Transition Economics: Explaining the Differences; A.Berg, E.Borensztein & R.Sahay Property Rights, Finance, and Entrepreneurship; S.Johnson, J.McMillan & C.Woodruff Courts and Relational Contracts; S.Johnson, J.McMillan & C.Woodruff Dodging the Grabbing Hand: The Determinants of Unofficial Activity in Sixty-nine Countries; E.Friedman, S.Johnson, D.Kauffman & P.Zoido-Lobaton Why do Firms Hide? Bribes and Unofficial Activity after Communism; S.Johnson, D.Kauffman, J.McMillan & C.Woodruff The Causes of Corruption: A Cross-National Study; D.Treisman Incentives to Provide Local Public Goods: Fiscal Federalism, Russian Style; E.Zhuravskaya Regional Decentralization and Fiscal Incentives: Federalism, Chinese Style; H.Jin, Y.Qian &
B.R.Weingast The Razor's Edge: Distortions and Incremental Reform in the People's Republic of China; A.Young Coordinating Changes in Transition Economies; Y.Qian, G.Roland &


ANDREW BERG Chief of the Development Issues Division, Policy Development and Review Department, International Monetary Fund, USA
TITO BOERI Professor of Economics, Bocconi University, Italy
EDUARDO BORENSZTEIN Formerly with the Research Department, International Monetary Fund, USA
ERIC FRIEDMAN Associate Professor of Operations Research, Cornell University, USA
ROMAN FRYDMAN Professor of Economics, New York University, USA
CHERYL GRAY Director, Poverty Reduction and Economic Management Department, Europe and Central Asia Region, World Bank, USA
MARK HESSEL Formerly Associate Professor of Management, Graduate School of Business, Fordham University, USA
HEHUI JIN Financial Analyst, Quantifi Inc., USA
SIMON JOHNSON Ronald A. Kurtz Professor, Sloan School of Management, MIT, USA
DANIEL KAUFMANN Director, Global Programmes, World Bank, USA
DALIA MARIN Chair, International Economics, University of Munich, Germany
ERIC MASKIN Alfred O. Hirschman Professor of Social Science, Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton University, USA
JOHN MCMILLAN Johnathan B. Lovelace Professor of Economics, Graduate School of Business, Stanford University, USA
YINGYI QIAN Professor of Economics, University of California, Berkeley, USA
ANDRZEJ RAPACZYNSKI Daniel G. Ross Professor of Law, Columbia Law School, USA
RATNA SAHAY Western Hemisphere Department, International Monetary Fund, USA
MONIKA SCHNITZER Professor of Economics, University of Munich, Germany
DANIEL TREISMAN Professor of Political Science, University of California, Berkeley, USA
BARRY R. WEINGAST Senior Fellow, Hoover Institute, Stanford University, USA
CHRISTOPHER WOODRUFF Associate Professor of Economics and Director, Center for U.S.-Mexican Studies, University of California, San Diego, USA
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