The Economics of the Antitrust Process

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Mai 1996



This book focuses on the antitrust process and how that process affects the efficiency of antitrust law enforcement. The contributors share a wide range of experiences in the antitrust process, including academia, the legal environment, and both private and public sectors. The book deals first with merger activities, followed by non-merger enforcement initiatives and concludes with an examination of the future role of antitrust.


1 Introduction: The Economics of the Antitrust Process.
2 Overenforcement in the Hart-Scott-Rodino Second Request Process.
3 The Merger Guidelines As Applied.
4 Simulation as an Alternative to Structural Merger Policy in Differentiated Products Industries.
5 The Efficiencies Defense in Merger Cases.
6 Buyers, Market Power, and Market Definition.
7 Merger Enforcement at the Reagan/Bush FTC.
8 Winners and Losers in the Settlement of Merger Litigation.
9 Efficiency Lost?: The Microsoft Consent Decree.
10 Predatory Pricing in the Retail Trade: The Wal-Mart Case.
11 Guilt by Association: An Analysis of Nonprice Horizontal Restraint Enforcement.
12 Antitrust, Economics, and "Reality".
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