The Early Reformation in Europe

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Mai 2004



The Reformation was an international movement, but at the same time it achieved strikingly different levels of success in different parts of Europe. The Early Reformation in Europe explores these contrasts and comparisons through a series of specially commissioned essays by leading specialists in European history. These will serve both as a lucid and clearly written introduction to the Reformation in different parts of Europe, and as an introduction to recent debates on the success and failure of the movement as a whole.


List of maps; Notes on contributors; Preface; List of abbreviations; 1. The early Reformation in Europe Andrew Pettegree; 2. Bohemia, Moravia and Austria Winfried Eberhard; 3. Hungary David P. Daniel; 4. Switzerland Bruce Gordon; 5. Scandinavia Ole Peter Grell; 6. France David Nicholls; 7. The Netherlands Alastair Duke; 8. England Diarmaid MacCulloch; 9. Italy Euan Cameron; 10. Spain A. Gordon Kinder; Index.


'This book of specially commissioned essays by leading scholars fills a gap by showing the character and progress of the Reformation in Europe in the generation that followed the transformation of Germany by Luther's teaching ... The Early Reformation in Europe will certainly interest scholars, but there is a great deal here for the non-specific student too. Lecturers and students concerned with Reformation Studies or European Studies modules within BA or BEd degrees will find these essays a new resource for their present work, and something which may well affect the design and content of future revision of their courses.' H. J. Patterson, NATFHE Journal
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