The Early Political Writings of the German Romantics

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The political thought of the German romantics covers a long period, beginning in the 1790s and extending into the 1830s. since the most important and interesting texts from this period could not all be included in one volume, I have chosen material from a single phase of romantic thought.


1. Anon., The Oldest Systematic Programme of German Idealism; 2. Novalis, Pollen; 3. Novalis, Faith and Love; 4. Novalis, Political Aphorisms; 5. Novalis, Christianity or Europe; 6. Friedrich Schlegel, Essay on the Concept of Republicanism; 7. Schlegel, Athenaeum Fragments (excerpts); 8. Schlegel, Ideas; 9. Schlegel, Lectures on Transcendental Philosophy; 10. Schlegel, Fragments from the Philosophical Apprenticeship; 11. Schleiermacher, Monologues II & III.


"Beiser has provided a great service in making available the political writings of the early German romantics. As suggested above, their ideas still have relevance and the problems which they address have not yet been overcome. The anthology will be welcomed by all who are interested in contemporary debates in political philosophy and the history of ideas." J.M. Fritzman, Philosophy in Review
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