The Early Enlightenment in the Dutch Republic, 1650-1750: Selected Papers of a Conference Held at the Herzog August Bibliothek Wolfenbuttel, 22-23 Mar

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August 2003



This book contains twelve major essays written by prominent historians from the Netherlands, Belgium and the United States on the early Enlightenment in the Dutch Republic, and more in particular on the main schools of thought that made up its philosophical profile.


Acknowledgements Introduction: The Early Enlightenment in the Dutch Republic, 1650-1750, Wiep van Bunge PART
1. PROFESSORS AND PASTORS 1. Academic Careers and Scholarly Networks, Hans de Waardt
2. The Religious Context of the Early Dutch Enlightenment: Moral Religion and Society, Ernestine van der Wall PART 2. PHILOSOPHY
3. Adriaan Koerbagh: Biblical Criticism and Enlightenment, Michiel Wielema
4. 'Outside God there is Nothing': Swammerdam, Spinoza, and the Janus-Face of the Early Dutch Enlightenment, Eric Jorink
5. The Shipwreck of Belief and Eternal Bliss: Philosophy and Religion in Later Dutch Cartesianism, Han van Ruler
6. The Empiricist Logic of Ideas of Jean le Clerc, Paul Schuurman PART 3. THE SCIENCES
7. Comets in the Early Dutch Enlightenment, Andrew Fix
8. Medicine and Philosophy in Leiden around 1700: Continuity or Rupture?, Henri Krop
9. The Culture of Mathematics in the Early Dutch Enlightenment, Geert Vanpaemel PART 4. ENLIGHTENMENTS PAST AND PRESENT
10. The Early Dutch Enlightenment as a Factor in the Wider European Enlightenment, Jonathan Israel
11. The Construction of Silence: Religious and Political Radicalism in Dutch History, Wijnand Mijnhardt Index of Names


Wiep van Bunge, Ph.D. (1990) in Philosophy, Erasmus University of Rotterdam, is Professor of the History of Philosophy at the Erasmus University. His publications include From Stevin to Spinoza. An Essay on Philosophy in the Seventeenth-Century Dutch Republic (Brill, 2001). He co-edited Disguised and Overt Spinozism around 1700 (Brill, 1996).
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