The Detection of Deception in Forensic Contexts

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April 2009



Deception detection has traditionally been characterized by approaches which analyze different aspects of deception such as verbal content, non-verbal behavior and polygraph testing. Recent intensive research in this field has resulted in an impressive corpus of cutting-edge knowledge. The contributions of international experts in this volume provide a valuable resource for academics, students and practitioners in the legal domain.


Part I. Introduction; 1. Research on deception detection: past and present P. A. Granhag and L. A. Stromwall; Part II. Lie-Detection Techniques: 2. Discerning lies from truths: behavioural cues to deception and the indirect pathways of intuition B. M. DePaulo and W. L. Morris; 3. Statement validity analysis and the detection of the truth G. Kohnken; 4. Reality monitoring and detection of deception S. L. Sporer; 5. The psychophysiological detection of deception C. R. Honts; Part III. Special Problems Facing a Lie-Catcher: 6. Lies travel: mendacity in a mobile world C. F. Bond and S. R. Rao; 7. Coping with suggestion and deception in children's accounts G. Davies; 8. The detection of false confessions S. Kassin; 9. Crime-related amnesia as a form of deception S. A. Christianson and H. Merckelbach; Part IV. Enhancing Lie-Detection Accuracy: 10. Practitioners' beliefs about deception L. A. Stromwall, P. A. Granhag and M. Hartwig; 11. Training to detect deception from behavioural cues: attempts and problems R. Bull; 12. The wizards of deception detection M. O'Sullivan and P. Ekman; 13. Guidelines to catch a liar A Vrij; Part V. Conclusions: 14. Research on deception detection: future challenges P. A. Granhag and L. A. Stromwall.


Par Anders Granhag is Associate Professor in the Department of Psychology at Goteborg University (Sweden). He has published extensively in the field of legal and criminological psychology, particularly on deception and eyewitness testimony. Leif Stromwall is a researcher at the Department of Psychology at Goteborg University and his research mainly concerns deception detection.


'It will be a valuable resource for forensic practitioners, academics and students. It is also the perfect place to start for the curious of casual reader who is simply seeking an introduction to the science of detecting deception. Timely, well written and free of hyperbole, The Detection of Deception in Forensic Contexts shines the bright light of empiricism on the shadowy art of deception.' Applied Cognitive Psychology '... outstanding book ... an excellent and updated review on the topic... of great value. It is an indispensible reference for all those students and academics approaching the detection of deception area, an excellent update for active researchers, and a useful tool for practicioners.' Law and Human Behaviour
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