The Depressed Child and Adolescent

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Revised and updated edition, authoritatively reviews theoretical and clinical aspects of depression in young people.


List of contributors; Preface Ian Goodyer; 1. Historical aspects of mood and its disorders in young people William Ll. Parry-Jones; 2. The development of emotional intelligence Mark Meerum Terwogt and Hedy Stegge; 3. Developmental precursors of depression: the child and the social environment Elizabeth McCauley, Karen Pavlidis and Kim Kendall; 4. Physiological processes and the development of childhood and adolescent depression Jeanne Brooks-Gunn, Jessica J. Auth, Anne C. Petersen and Bruce E. Compas; 5. Childhood depression: clinical phenomenology and classification Israel Kolvin and Hartwin Sadowski; 6. The epidemiology of depression in children and adolescents Adrian Angold and Elizabeth J. Costello; 7. Family-genetic aspects of juvenile affective disorders Michael Strober; 8. Life events: their nature and effects Ian M. Goodyer; 9. Adolescent depression: neuroendocrine aspects Stephen Sokolov and Stan Kutcher; 10. Suicidal behaviour in adolescents Erik Jan de Wilde, Ineke C. W. M. Kienhorst and Rene F. W. Diekstra; 11. Psychopharmacology of depressive states in childhood and adolescence Eberhard Schulz and Helmut Remschmidt; 12. The psychotherapeutic management of major depressive and dysthymic disorders in childhood and adolescence: issues and prospects Maria Kovacs and Joel T. Sherrill; 13. Natural history of mood disorders in children and adolescents Richard Harrington and Bernadka Dubicka; Index.


'Ian Goodyer has assembled an internationally recognized group of researchers as authors ... In the resulting tour de force, we are taken from an exposition of the development of emotional behavior and understanding, through the contributions of temperament, attachment and personality development, to depressive vulnerability. ... Each chapter contains a depth of information not found in usual textbooks and a subtlety of understanding that only experts of international standing who are reviewing the areas of their own research can provide ... this book documents, with references, the great strides child and adolescent psychiatry and psychology have made in the past 30 years.' The New England Journal of Medicine 'Rather than being just another text book on depression, this volume has adopted a broad perspective ... [and] ends in an excellent overview of the findings on the continuity between childhood and adult depression and the key issues which need to be addressed by further longitudinal research. This book has benefited from the contributions of most of the experts in the field ... I strongly recommend that professional institutions dealing with young children make this book accessible to a wide range of professionals.' Eric Fombonne, Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 'The most outstanding aspect of this book is its attempt to integrate rather complex developmental theory with the description and phenomenologic literature on depression in children. It does an excellent job of discussing how development affects the presentation of depression and, conversely, how depression affects subsequent development, and would thus be of considerable interest to the more psychodynamically oriented clinician or clinician who treats very young children.' Doody's Journal 'The book would be worth buying alone for the chapter on the development of emotional regulation and emotional response ... I can fully recommend this book to all child psychiatrists and all those interested in child and adolescent depression.' Michael Fitzgerald, Psychological Medicine '... excellent coverage of diverse aspects of depression in childhood and adolescence ... moves beyond the descriptive level of analysis to delineate the processes by which children and adolescents come to be at risk for, or are protected from, depression. This focus is particularly salient given the pressure faced by clinicians and researchers alike to identify which interventions are most effective for which populations under a variety of service delivery conditions.' Janet Shapiro, Social Work in Health Care '... succinct review of the pertinent literature presented in the chapters on development, epidemiology, and etiologic factors. Clinicians who wish to read about this particular disorder (and others in future volumes) will be rewarded with, as Dr Goodyer states 'a coherent account of current knowledge'.' Michelle Kim-Leff, American Journal of Psychiatry '... 25 internationally distinguished researchers present the latest understanding of depression'. Bulletin of the Menninger Clinic '... this extensive multi-authored text is a 'state-of-the art' exploration of child and adolescent depression, and as such, is required reading for clinicians and researchers in the area.' Florence Levy, Psychological Medicine
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