The Dependent Elderly

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Juni 2003



A distinguished team of contributors form the fields of medicine, philosophy, and law addresses some of the pressing issues which arise over the provision of care for dependent elderly patients.


List of contributors; 1. Introduction Luke Gormally; 2. Difficult choices in treating and feeding the debilitated elderly Michael Horan; 3. The American debate about artificial nutrition and hydration Joseph Boyle; 4. Reflections on Horan and Boyle Luke Gormally; 5. The living will: the ethical framework of a recent report Luke Gormally; 6. Some reflections on euthanasia in The Netherlands John Keown; 7. Is there a policy for the elderly needing long-term care? Graham Mulley; 8. Is it possible to provide good quality long-term care without unfair discrimination? Robert Stout; 9. The prospects for long-term care: current policy and realistic alternatives David J. Hunter; 10. What is required for good quality in long-term care of the elderly? Marion Hildick-Smith; 11. Should age make a difference in health care entitlement? Joseph Boyle; 12. Economic devices and ethical pitfalls: quality of life, the distribution of resources and the needs of the elderly Michael Banner; 13. The aged: non-persons, human dignity and justice Luke Gormally; 14. Economics, justice and the value of life: concluding remarks John Finnis; Index.


Review of the hardback: '... an excellent new book on the subject ... informative and challenging ... deserves careful reading and reflection ... I warmly recommend this book.' Bernadette Tobin, Bioethics Outlook Review of the hardback: '... a fair amount of food for thought ... a useful collection of contributions to several debates.' Journal of Medical Ethics
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