The Colorado Plateau II: Biophysical, Socioeconomic, and Cultural Research

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Oktober 2005



The publication of The Colorado Plateau: Cultural, Biological, and Physical Research in 2004 marked a timely summation of current research in the Four Corners states. This new volume, derived from the seventh Biennial Conference on the Colorado Plateau in 2003, complements the previous book by again focusing on the integration of science into resource management issues. The 32 chapters range in content from measuring human impacts on cultural resources, through grazing and the wildland-urban interface issues, to parameters of climate change on the Plateau. The book also introduces economic perspectives by considering shifting human population patterns and regional disparities in the Colorado Plateau economy. A series of chapters on mountain lions explores the human-wildland interface. These chapters deal with the entire spectrum of challenges associated with managing this large mammal species in Arizona and particularly on the Colorado Plateau, conveying a wealth of timely information of interest to wildlife managers and enthusiasts. Another provocative set of chapters on biophysical resources explores the management of forest restoration on the Colorado Plateau, from the micro scale all the way up to large-scale GIS analyses of ponderosa pine ecosystems. Given recent concerns for forest health in the wake of severe drought that has resulted in stand-replacing fires and bark-beetle infestation, these chapters will prove enlightening for forest service, park service, and land management professionals at both the federal and state level as well as general readers interested in how forest management practices will ultimately affect their future recreation activities on the ColoradoPlateau's public lands.


David Mattson is a research wildlife biologist with the U.S. Geological Survey in Flagstaff.
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