The Church of England C.1689 C.1833: From Toleration to Tractarianism

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This book brings together recent work on the Church of England in the 'long eighteenth century', demonstrating the importance of religion for a full understanding of English life in this period.


1. Introduction: The Church and Anglicanism in the long 'eighteenth century' John Walsh and Stephen Taylor; Part I. The Pastoral Work of the Church: 2. The eighteenth-century Reformation: the pastoral task of Anglican clergy after 1689 Jeremy Gregory; 3. The clergy in the diocese of London in the eighteenth century Viviane Barrie-Curien; 4. The reception of Richard Podmore: Anglicanism in Saddleworth 1700-1830 Mark Smith; Part II. Crisis and Reform: 5. The Church, the societies, and the moral revolution of 1688 John Spurr; 6. John Locke, Jonas Proast, and religious toleration, 1688-1692 Mark Goldie; 7. The origins and ideals of the SPCK 1699-1716 Craig Rose; 8. Cultural patronage and the Anglican crisis: Bristol c.1689-1775 Jonathan Barry; 9. Latitudinarianism at the parting of the ways: a suggestion Martin Fitzpatrick; 10. Ecclesiastical policy under Lord North G. M. Ditchfield; 11. The foundation of the Church Missionary Society: the Anglican missionary impulse Elizabeth Elbourne; 12. A Hanoverian legacy?: diocesan reform in the Church of England c.1800-1833 R. Arthur Burns; Part III. Identities and Perceptions: 13. The eighteenth-century Church: a European view W. R. Ward; 14. Portrait of a High-Church clerical dynasty in Georgian England: the Frewens and their world Jeffrey S. Chamberlain; 15. 'Papist traitors and Presbyterian rogues': religious identities in eighteenth-century Lancashire Jan Albers; 16. Church parties in the pre-Tractarian Church of England, 1750-1833: the 'Orthodox' - some problems of definition and identity Peter Nockles.


'... the scholarship throughout is of the highest quality ...' The Times Higher Education Supplement
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