The Changing Image of the Sciences

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November 2002



This volume is written as a reaction to the worldwide decreasing interest in the natural sciences. It addresses many intriguing questions. How is the changing image of the distinct sciences experienced by the general public, by the scientists themselves, or in disciplines in which natural sciences are applied? How can it be connected to the phenomenon of the low number of women in science? It is of interest to researchers, teachers, and students of natural sciences, the history of science, and philosophy.


Foreword; I.H. Stamhuis, et al. Introduction; A. van Helden. In our own image: creating the computer; M.S. Mahoney. Changing images of chemistry; B. Bensaude-Vincent. The changing image of biology in the twentieth century; G.E. Allen. The image of physics; A. Pais. Re-imag(in)ing women in science: projecting identity and negotiating gender in science; S.G. Kohlstedt, D.L. Opitz. Science in the mirror of `Big History'; D. Christian. The changing images of unity and disunity in the philosophy of science; S. Fuller. Copyrights and permissions. Authors and editors. Index.
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