The Challenge of Developing Statistical Literacy, Reasoning and Thinking

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Juli 2004



Research in statistics education is an emerging field, with much of the work being published in diverse journals across many disciplines. Locating and synthesizing this research is often a challenging task, as is connecting the research literature to practical issues of teaching and assessing students. This book is unique in that it collects, presents, and synthesizes cutting edge research on different aspects of statistical reasoning and applies this research to the teaching of statistics to students at all educational levels. Unlike other books on how to teach statistics, or educational materials to help students learn statistics, this book presents the research foundation on which teaching should be based. The chapters in this volume are written by the today's leading researchers in statistics education.This volume will prove of great value to mathematics and statistics education researchers, statistics educators, statisticians, cognitive psychologists, mathematics teachers, mathematics and statistics curriculum developers, and quantitative literacy experts in education and government.


Statistical Literacy, Reasoning, and Thinking: Goals, Definitions, and Challenges.- Towards an Understanding of Statistical Thinking.- Statistical Literacy.- A Comparison of Mathematical and Statistical Reasoning.- Models of Development in Statistical Reasoning.- Reasoning about Data Analysis.- Learning to Reason About Distribution.- Conceptualizing an Average as a Stable Feature of a Noisy Process.- Reasoning About Variation.- Reasoning about Covariation.- Students' Reasoning about the Normal Distribution.- Developing Reasoning about Samples.- Reasoning about Sampling Distribitions.- Primary Teachers' Statistical Reasoning about Data.- Secondary Teachers' Statistical Reasoning in Comparing Two Groups.- Principles of Instructional Design for Supporting the Development of Students' Statistical Reasoning.- Research on Statistical Literacy, Reasoning, and Thinking: Issues, Challenges, and Implications.


`It is not often that a book serves to synthesize an emerging field of study while at the same time meeting clear practical needs. I am confident that The Challenge of Developing Statistical Literacy, Reasoning, and Thinking will be seen as a classic.'
David Moore, Professor of Statistics Emeritus, Purdue University, USA
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