The Case Study Guide to Cognitive Behaviour Therapy of Psychosis

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This is a practical volume which reflects how treatment programmes can be compatible with the reality of service delivery and mental health provision in an organisational context. It also supports both training and clinical practice by presenting examples of clinical cases to illustrate the assessment, treatment planning and implementation processes of CBT for psychosis.
* Based on extensive clinical experience and real life service settings
* Deals with the roles of several mental health disciplines, as they combine in the these treatment programmes
* Cases from a variety of settings: inpatient, outpatient community
* Describes techniques used with the full range of symptoms
Part of the Wiley Series in Clinical Psychology


About the Editors. List of Contributors. Preface. Introduction. PART I: CASE STUDIES. "The Admiral of the Fleet" Case 1 (John): Douglas Turkington. From a Position of Knowing: The Journey into Uncertainty Case 2 (Janet): Laura McGraw & Alison Brabban. Managing Voices Case 3 (Pat): Lars Hansen. Case Experience from a Rehabilitation Service Case 4 (Helena): Isabel Clarke. Identifying the "Agent Mice" Case 5 (Kathy): Paul Murray. Developing a Dialogue with Voices Case 6 (Nicky): David Kingdon. Tackling Drug-Related Psychosis and Isolation Case 7 (Damien): David Kingdon. "Traumatic Psychosis": A Formulation Based Approach Case 8 (Sarah): Pauline Callcott & Douglas Turkington. Communications from my Parents Case 9 (Carole): Ronald Siddle. Two Examples of Paranoia Cases 10 (Mary ) and 11 (Karen): Nick MacGuire. Managing Expectations Case Study (Jane): Jeremy Pelton. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Psychosis in Conditions of High Security Cases 13 (Malcolm) and 14 (Colin): Andy Benn. PART II: TRAINING, SUPERVISION AND IMPLEMENTATION. Training in CBT for Psychosis (David Kingdon and Jeremy Pelton). Modelling the Model: Training People to use Psychosocial Interventions (Madeline O'Carroll). Clinical Supervision (David Kingdon and Jeremy Pelton). How Does Implementation Happen? (David Kingdon). References. Author Index. Subject Index.


" book of the stimulating it made me want to return to clinical practice...I cannot praise it enough. Buy it!..." (Mental Health Today, May 2003) "...This is a timely introduction to CBT for Psychosis with its feet firmly on the ground..." (Psychiatric Bulletin, January 2004)
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