The Carbon Cycle

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Leading scientists describe how we can reduce CO2 emissions; for graduate students and researchers.


Preface; Acknowledgements; Part I. Introduction: 1. Introduction; 2. Excerpts from 1994 and 1995 IPCC Reports; Part II. The Missing Carbon Sink: 3. Carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuel consumption and cement manufacture, 1751-1991 and an estimate of their isotopic composition and latitudinal distribution; 5. Emissions of carbon from land-use change; 6. The CO2 fertilizing effect: relevance to the global carbon cycle; 7. Soils and the global carbon cycle; 8. Grasslands and the global carbon cycle: modeling the effects of climate change; 9. Constraints on the atmospheric carbon budget from spatial distributions of CO2; 10. Estimating air-sea exchanges of CO2 from pCO2 gradients: assessment of uncertainties; 11. Atmospheric oxygen measurements and the carbon cycle; a strategy for estimating the potential soil carbon storage due to CO2 fertilization; Part III. Paleo-CO2 Variations: 12. Isotope and carbon cycle inferences; 13. Shallow water carbonate deposition and its effect on the carbon cycle; Part IV. Modeling CO2 Changes: 14. Future fossil fuel carbon emissions without policy intervention: a review; 15. The future role of reforestation in reducing the buildup of atmospheric CO2; 16. Simple ocean carbon cycle models; 17. Very high-resolution estimates of global ocean circulation, suitable for carbon cycle modeling; 18. Effects of ocean circulation change on atmospheric CO2; 19. Box models of the terrestrial biosphere; 20. Impacts of climate and CO2 on the terrestrial carbon cycle; 21. Stabilization of CO2 concentration levels; Part V. Appendix 1. Organizing committee; Appendix 2. Working group members; Appendix 3. Reviewers.


'... covers the topic superbly ... the book is a 'must-buy' for libraries. But it is more important than that ... fodder for graduate courses, and for anyone interested in the future of the planet ... the story it tells is vital to us all.' Euan Nisbet, Geological Magazine
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