The Cambridge History of Twentieth-Century Music

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August 2004



Surveys the Western twentieth-century 'art' tradition alongside development in jazz, popular music, and world music.


Introduction: trajectories of twentieth-century music Nicholas Cook with Anthony Pople; 1. Peripheries and interfaces: the Western impact on other music Jonathan Stock; 2. Music of a century: museum culture and the politics of subsidy Leon Botstein; 3. Innovation and the avant-garde, 1900-20 Christopher Butler; 4. Music, text and stage: the tradition of bourgeois tonality to the Second World War Stephen Banfield; 5. Classic jazz to 1945 James Lincoln Collier; 6. Flirting with the vernacular: America in Europe, 1900-1945 Susan C. Cook; 7. Between the wars: traditions, modernisms, and the 'little people from the suburbs' Peter Franklin; 8. Brave new worlds: experimentalism between the wars David Nicholls; 9. Proclaiming a mainstream: Schoenberg, Berg, and Webern Joseph Auner; 10. Rewriting the past: classicisms of the inter-war period Hermann Danuser; 11. Music of seriousness and commitment: the 1930s and beyond Michael Walter; 12. Other mainstreams: light music and easy listening, 1920-70 Derek B. Scott; 13. New beginnings: the international avant-garde, 1945-62 David Osmond-Smith; 14. Individualism and accessibility: the moderate mainstream, 1945-75 Arnold Whittall; 15. After swing: modern jazz and its impact Mervyn Cooke; 16. Music of the youth revolution: rock through the 1960s Robynn Stilwell; 17. Expanding horizons: the international avant-garde, 1962-75 Richard Toop; 18. To the millennium: music as twentieth-century commodity Andrew Blake; 19. Ageing of the new: the museum of musical modernism Alastair Williams; 20. (Post-)minimalisms, 1975-2000: the search for a new mainstream Robert Fink; 21. History and class consciousness: pop music towards 2000 Dai Griffiths; 22. 'Art' music in a cross-cultural context: the case of Africa Martin Scherzinger; Appendix 1. Personalia Peter Elsdon with Bjorn Heile; Appendix 2. Chronology Peter Elsdon and Peter Jones.


Nicholas Cook is Professor of Music at Royal Holloway, University of London, and Director of the AHRB Research Centre for the History and Analysis of Recorded Music. His books include A Guide to Musical Analysis (1987), Music, Imagination, and Culture (1990), the Cambridge Music Handbook Beethoven: Symphony no. 9 (1993), Analysing Musical Multimedia and Music: A Very Short Introduction (both 1998). Anthony Pople was Professor of Music at the University of Nottingham until his death in 2003. His publications include two Cambridge Music Handbooks - Berg: Violin Concerto (1991) and Messiaen: Quatuor pour la fin du temps (1998); he edited Theory, Analysis and Meaning in Music (1994) as well as The Cambridge Companion to Berg (1997).


'Its pluralist narrative finds room for pop, jazz and easy listening alongside classical mainstreams and avant-garde orthodoxies. The non-interventionist stance makes for lively debate between contributors, reflecting the revisionist brand of musicology where the importance of any musical culture must be constantly contested.' The Independent '... it can be warmly recommended as a worthwhile institutional purchase and as an encouragingly good read.' Music Teacher
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