The Cambridge History of Iran

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Oktober 1991



Iran from 1722 1979: political, social, economic and religious aspects of Iran.


List of plates; List of text figures; List of maps; List of genealogical tables; List of tables; Preface: Editorial note; Introduction; Part I. The Political Framework, 1722-1979; 1. Nadir Shah and the Afsharid legacy Peter Avery; 2. The Zand dynasty John Perry; 3. Agha Muhammad Khan and the establishment of the Qajar dynasty Gavin R. G. Hambly; 4. Iran during the reigns of Fath 'Ali Shah and Muhammad Shah Gavin R. G. Hambly; 5. Iran under the later Qajars, 1848-1922 Nikki Keddie and Mehrdad Amanat; 6. The Pahlavi autocracy: Riza Shah, 1921-1941 Gavin R. G. Hambly; 7. The Pahlavi autocracy: Muhammad Riza Shah, 1941-1979 Gavin R. G. Hambly; Part II. Foreign Relations: 8. Iranian relations with the Ottoman Empire in the eighteenth- and nineteenth-centuries Stanford Shaw; 9. Iranian relations with Russia and the Soviet Union to 1921 F. Kazemzadeh; 10. Iranian relations with the European Trading Companies to 1798 Rose Greaves; 11. Iranian relations with Great Britain and British India, 1798-1921 Rose Greaves; 12. Iranian foreign policy, 1921-1979 Amin Saikal; Part III. Economic And Social Developments: 13. Land tenure and revenue administration in the nineteenth century A. K. S. Lambton; 14. The tribes in eighteenth- and nineteenth-century Iran Richard Tapper; 15. The traditional Iranian city in the Qajar period Gavin R. G. Hambly; 16. European economic penetration, 1872-1921 Charles Issawi; 17. Economic development, 1921-1979 K. S. MacLachlan; 18. The Iranian oil industry Ronald Ferrier; Part IV.Religious And Cultural Life, 1721-1979; 19. Religious forces in eighteenth-and nineteenth-century Iran Hamid Algar; 20. Religious forces in twentieth-century Iran Hamid Algar; 21. Popular entertainment, media and social change in twentieth-century Iran Peter Chelkowski; 22. Painting, the press and literature in modern Iran Peter Avery; 23. Persian painting under the Zand and Qajar dynasties B. W. Robinson; 24. The arts of the eighteenth to twentieth centuries: architecture; ceramics; metalwork; textiles Jennifer Scarce.


"This final volume of the Cambridge History of Iran, covering the Zand, Qajar, and Pahlavi periods, is a huge and handsome tome." Iranian Studies
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