The Cambridge History of German Literature

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Juni 2000



A history of German literature to 1990, written from a post-Reunification standpoint.


List of contributors; Preface; Acknowledgements; 1. The Carolingian period and the early Middle Ages (750-1100) Brian O. Murdoch; 2. The high and later Middle Ages (1100-1450) Nigel F. Palmer; 3. The early modern period (1450-1720) Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly; 4. The German enlightenment (1720-1790) Ruth-Ellen Boetcher Joeres; 5. Aesthetic humanism (1790-1830) Nicholas Saul; 6. Revolution, resignation, realism (1830-1890) Gail Finney; 7. From naturalism to national socialism (1890-1945) Ritchie Robertson; 8. The literature of the German Democratic Republic (1945-1990) Helen Fehervary; 9. German writing in the West (1945-1990) Moray McGowan; Select bibliography; Index.


'The reader will gain much valuable information from this book. The bibliographical section is very good; many chapters bring familiar and less familiar works into sharp focus.' Times Higher Education Supplement '... the Cambridge History is the best single-volume history of the totality of German literature'. Times Literary Supplement 'This will be a standard reference book of all German, Swiss German, and Austrian literature. The roster of contributors is very impressive, as is the result.' Bibliotheque d'Humanisme et Renaissance '... the first complete German literary reference work of its kind covering the most current trends in contemporary literature and criticism into the 1990s, The Cambridge History of German Literature is surprisingly lucid, readable, and accessible to beginning and advanced literary scholars.' BBR Gazette
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