The Cambridge History of Eighteenth-Century Philosophy 2 Volume Hardback Boxed Set

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More than thirty eminent scholars from nine different countries have contributed to The Cambridge History of Eighteenth-Century Philosophy - the most comprehensive and up-to-date history of the subject available in English. For the eighteenth century the dominant concept in philosophy was human nature and so it is around this concept that the work is centered. This judiciously balanced, systematic, and comprehensive account of the whole of Western philosophy in the period will be an invaluable resource for philosophers, intellectual historians, theologians, political theorists, historians of science and literary scholars.


Part I. The Concept of Eighteenth-Century Philosophy: 1. The history of eighteenth-century philosophy: history or philosophy? Knud Haakonssen; 2. Concepts of philosophy Werner Schneiders; 3. Schools and movements Carl Henrik Koch; 4. The institutionalisation of philosophy in continental Europe T. J. Hochstrasser; 5. The curriculum in Britain, Ireland and the colonies M. A. Stewart; 6. Informal networks Ann Thomson; Part II. The Science of Human Nature: 7. Philosophical methods Reinhard Brandt; 8. Human nature Aaron Garrett; 9. Perception and ideas, judgment Kenneth Winkler; 10. Self-consciousness and personal identity Udo Thiel; 11. Reason Michel Malherbe; 12. Substances and modes, space and time Heiner F. Klemme; 13. Causality Heiner F. Klemme; 14. Knowledge and belief Manfred Kuehn; 15. Scepticism Richard H. Popkin; 16. Philosophy of language Hans Aarsleff; 17. Rhetoric Peter France; 18. Aesthetics Rudolf A. Makkreel; 19. The active powers Jerome B. Schneewind; 20. Education Geraint Parry; Part III. Philosophy and Theology: 21. Natural and revealed religion B. A. Gerrish; 22. Revealed religion: the continental European debate Maria Rosa Antognazza; 23. Revealed religion: the British debate M. A. Stewart; 24. Arguments for the existence of God: the British debate M. A. Stewart; 25. Arguments for the existence of God: the continental European debate Maria Rosa Antognazza; 26. The problem of theodicy Luca Fonnesu; 27. Religion and society Simone Zurbuchen; Part IV. Natural Philosophy: 28. Artifice and the natural world: mathematics, logic, technology James Franklin; 29. The study of nature John Gascoigne; 30. Natural philosophy Pierre Kerszberg; 31. Natural history Phillip R. Sloan; Part V. Moral Philosophy: 32. The foundations of morality David Fate Norton and Manfred Kuehn; 33. Norm and normativity Stephen Darwall; 34. Politics W. Kersting; 35. Social sciences Robert Brown; 36. Philosophical reflection on history Dario Perinetti.


Knud Haakonssen is Professor of Philosophy at Boston University.


Review of the hardback set: 'This comprehensive, topically organized resource ... contains 36 articles by 32 leading scholars from nine different countries ... highly recommended for university collections.' David Gordon, Bowling Green State University
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