The Cambridge History of British Theatre

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November 2004



Beginning in Roman Britain and ending with Charles II's restoration to the throne, the nineteen essays that comprise this volume are written by leading British and American scholars.


General preface; Chronology; Part I. Pre-Elizabethan Theatre: 1. From Roman to Renaissance in drama and theatre John C. Coldewey; 2. Faith, pastime, performance and drama in Scotland to 1603 John J. McGavin; 3. The Bible as play in Reformation England Paul Whitfield White; 4. Drama in 1553: continuity and change Peter Happe; Part II. Elizabethan Theatre: 5. The development of a professional theatre, 1540-1660 Jane Milling; 6. Drama outside London after 1540 Peter H. Greenfield; 7. 'An example of courtesy and liberality': great households and performance Suzanne Westfall; 8. The birth of an industry Douglas Bruster; 9. Theatre and controversy, 1572-1603 Diana E. Henderson; 10. The condition of theatre in England in 1599 Andrew Gurr; 11. Ben Jonson's Every Man in His Humour: a case study Richard Allen Cave; 12. London professional playhouses and performances Martin White; Part III. Jacobean and Caroline Theatre: 13. Working playwrights, 1580-1642 Roslyn L. Knutson; 14. Theatre and controversy, 1603-42 Janette Dillon; 15. The Stuart masque and its makers David Lindley; 16. Clowns, fools and knaves: stages in the evolution of acting Peter Thomson; 17. Thomas Middleton's A Game at Chess: a case study Richard Dutton; 18. The condition of the theatres in 1642 Martin Butler; 19. Theatre and Commonwealth Janet Clare; Works cited; Index.


Jane Milling is Lecturer in Drama at the University of Exeter. She has written on Restoration performers and female dramatists. Her work in the modern period includes co-authorship with Graham Ley of Modern Theories of Performance: From Stanislavski to Boal (2001). Peter Thomson is Emeritus Professor of Drama at the University of Exeter. His books include Shakespeare's Theatre (1992), Mother Courage and Her Children (1997), Shakespeare's Professional Career (Cambridge, 1999) and On Actors and Acting (2000).


"...a set that will stand as the most valuable resource on British theater for some time to come. Essential." Choice "a valuable contribution to scholarship through nineteen fine essays" Sixteenth Century Journal "This work makes delightful reading" Renaissance Quarterly Frederick Tollini, Santa Clara University
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