The Cambridge Economic History of the United States

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August 2000



Volume III surveys the economic history of the United States and Canada during the twentieth century.


1. American macroeconomic growth in the era of knowledge-based progress: the long-run perspective Moses Abramovitz and Paul A. David; 2. Structural changes: regional and urban Carol E. Heim; 3. Twentieth-century Canadian economic history Alan G. Green; 4. The twentieth-century record of inequality and poverty in the United States Robert D. Plotnick, Eugene Smolensky, Eirik Evenhouse and Siobhan Reilly; 5. The Great Depression Peter Temin; 6. War and the American economy in the twentieth century Michael Edelstein; 7. US foreign trade and trade policy in the twentieth century Peter H. Lindert; 8. United States foreign financial relations in the twentieth century Barry Eichengreen; 9. Twentieth-century American population growth Richard A. Easterlin; 10. Labor markets in the twentieth century Claudia Goldin; 11. Labor law Christopher L. Tomlins; 12. The transformation of Northern Agriculture from 1910-1990 Alan L. Olmstead and Paul W. Rhode; 13. Banking and finance in the twentieth century Eugene N. White; 14. Twentieth-century technological change David Mowery and Nathan Rosenberg; 15. The US corporate economy in the twentieth century Louis Galambos; 16. Government regulation of business Richard H. K. Vietor; 17. The public sector W. Elliot Brownlee.


'It should already be on the shelves of any reader of this journal ... reviewing this book is somewhat like reviewing the Bible. This History is also a Very Good Book ... This volume and its companions should find shelf space in the personal libraries of all serious professional historians of the United States, not just of those with an interest in the institutions of a dynamic market economy and a capitalist republic ... this volume is enormously impressive.' Enterprise and Society ' ... an essential reference text for libraries and a valuable starting point for business historians interested in the US, comparative studies or aspects of business-government relations. All elements in the boo are impressive and valuable.' Business History 'These books definitely should be on the shelf, or easily available in the library, of every professional economic historian ... they provide a rich treasure of information, analysis, and insight. The publisher, editors, and authors all are to be congratulated for producing this exemplar work of economic history.' Besprechungen
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