The Cambridge Companion to Willa Cather

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This Companion covers the full range of Cather's career, and includes a detailed chronology and guide to further reading.


List of illustrators; Notes on contributors; Acknowledgements; Chronology of Willa Cather's life; Introduction Marilee Lindemann; Part I. Contexts and Critical Issues: 1. Willa Cather as progressive: politics and the writer Guy J. Reynolds; 2. The Cather thesis: the American empire of migration Joseph R. Urgo; 3. Willa Cather's American modernism Richard H. Millington; 4. Willa Cather and the geography of Jewishness Lisa Marcus; 5. Willa Cather and sexuality Jonathan Goldberg; 6. Willa Cather and the performing arts Janis P. Stout; 7. Willa Cather and the comic sense of self Susan J. Rosowski; 8. Cather and the short story Mark J. Madigan; 9. Willa Cather in the country of the ill Sharon O'Brien; Part II. Studies of Major Works: 10. Rereading My Antonia Anne E. Goldman; 11. Fictions of possession in The Professor's House John N. Swift; 12. Catholic expansionism and the politics of depression in Death Comes for the Archbishop Leona Sevick; 13. Willa Cather and 'the old story': Sapphira and the Slave Girl Ann Romines; Selected bibliography; Index.


Marilee Lindemann is Associate Professor of English at the University of Maryland.


'... should be in every library collecting materials on American literature and culture.' Reference Reviews
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