The Cambridge Companion to Tolstoy

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Key dimensions of Tolstoy's writing and life are explored in this collection of specially commissioned essays.


Notes on contributors; Editor's preface; Acknowledgements; Notes on editions, citations and transliterations; Chronology; Introduction: Tolstoy as artist and public figure Donna Tussing Orwin; Part I. The Three Novels: 1. War and Peace Gary Saul Morson; 2. Anna Karenina Barbara Lonnqvist; 3. Resurrection Hugh McLean; Part II. Genres: 4. Tolstoy as a writer of popular literature Gary R. Jahn; 5. The long short story in Tolstoy's fiction Richard Freeborn; 6. Tolstoy staged in Paris, Berlin and London W. Gareth Jones; Part III. General Topics: 7. The development of style and theme in Tolstoy Liza Knapp; 8. History and autobiography in Tolstoy Andrew Wachtel; 9. Women, sexuality, and the family in Tolstoy Edwina Cruise; 10. Tolstoy in the twentieth century George R. Clay; 11. Courage in Tolstoy Donna Tussing Orwin; 12. Tolstoy's aesthetics Caryl Emerson; Guide to further reading; Index to Tolstoy's works and characters; General index.


Donna Orwin is Professor in the Department of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Toronto. She has published widely on Russian literature and Tolstoy in particular.


'Indispensable for all who teach of study Tolstoy.' Rusistika '... it must be said that these are, without exception, very good essays ... For Tolstoi specialists this book, like all good books, provides fertile ground for future research ... for the more general reader this collection of clearly written essays, based on recent research, and including some useful websites, will be welcome. if it helps to bolster the study of Tolstoi in UK Russian departments it will be doubly welcome.' Slavonic & East European Review '... superb ... Every essay in this collection exhibits a high quality of arguement, knowledge, insight and clarity of exposition. Specialists and general readers alike will want to read them all, and in so doing will find their understanding of Tolstoi, as man, artist and public figures, greatly enriched.' Journal of European Studies
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