The Cambridge Companion to the Eighteenth-Century Novel

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September 1996



This multifaceted picture of the novel in its formative decades provides an indispensable guide for students of the eighteenth-century novel and its place within the culture of its time.


1. Introduction John Richetti; 2. The novel and social/cultural history J. Paul Hunter; 3. Defoe as an innovator of fictional form Max Novak; 4. Gulliver's Travels and the contracts of fiction Michael Seidel; 5. Samuel Richardson: fiction and knowledge Margaret Anne Doody; 6. Henry Fielding Claude Rawson; 7. Sterne and irregular rhetoric Jonathan Lamb; 8. Smollett's Humphry Clinker Michael Rosenblum; 9. The romance in Frances Burney's novels Julia Epstein; 10. Women writers and the eighteenth-century novel Jane Spencer; 11. Sentimental novels John Mullan; 12. Enlightenment, popular culture and Gothic fiction James Carson.


' ... this is a collection that students of the English novel of this period will find useful as an introduction and as a guide to current opinion'. Forum for Modern Language Studies
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