The Cambridge Companion to the African American Novel

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August 2005



Combining scholarship covering one hundred fifty years of novel writing in the U.S., newly commissioned essays examine eighty African American novels. They include well-known works as well as writings recently recovered or acknowledged. The collection features essays on the slave narrative, coming of age, vernacular modernism, and the post-colonial novel to help readers gain a better appreciation of the African American novel's diversity and complexity.


Notes on contributors; Chronology; Introduction Maryemma Graham; Part I. The Long Journey: The African American Novel and History: 1. Freeing the voice, creating the self: the novel and slavery Chris Mulvey; 2. Reconstructing the race: the novel after slavery M. Guilia Fabi; 3. The novel of the New Negro Renaissance George Hutchinson; 4. Caribbean migration, ex-isles, and the New World novel Giselle Liza Anatol; Part II. Search for a Form: The New American Novel: 5. The neo slave narrative Ashraf H. A. Rushdy; 6. Coming of age in the African American novel Claudine Raynaud; 7. The blues novel Steven Tracy; 8. From modernism to post modernism: black culture at the crossroads Fritz Gysin; 9. The African American novel and popular culture Susanne Dietzel; Part III: African American Voices: From Margin to Center: 10. Everybody's protest novel: the era of Richard Wright Jerry W. Ward, Jr.; 11. Finding common ground: Ralph Ellison and James Baldwin Herman Beavers; 12. American neo-hoodooism: the novels of Ishmael Reed Pierre-Damien Mvuyekure; 13. Spaces for readers: the novels of Toni Morrison Marilyn Mobley Mckenzie; 14. African American womanism: from Zora Neale Hurston to Alice Walker Lovalerie King; 15. Vernacular modernism in the novels of John Edgar Wideman and Leon Forrest Keith Byerman.


'As usual, this Cambridge publication lives up to its name as a 'companion' in more than one way. In all senses, this companion offers a fresh and clear overview of a genre, which is well researched and respected. This book refreshes the air for postgraduates and teachers of literary and historical studies, whilst being indispensable for the undergraduate student or any individual seeking an introduction to this vital aspect of the modern novel.' Reference Reviews
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