The Cambridge Companion to Tennessee Williams

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Dezember 1997



This collection of thirteen original essays covers Williams's work from the early apprenticeship years in the 1930s to his last play before his death in 1983.


List of illustrations and acknowledgements; Notes on contributors; Chronology; Introduction Matthew C. Roudane; 1. Early Williams: the making of a playwright Allean Hale; 2. Entering The Glass Menagerie C. W. E. Bigsby; 3. A streetcar running fifty years Felicia Hardison Londre; 4. Camino Real: Williams's allegory about the fifties Jan Balakian; 5. Writing in 'A Place of Stone': Cat on a Hot Tin Roof Albert J. Devlin; 6. Before the fall - and after: Summer and Smoke and The Night of the Iguana Thomas P. Adler; 7. The sacrificial stud and the fugitive female in Suddenly Last Summer, Orpheus Descending, and Sweet Bird of Youth John M. Clum; 8. Romantic textures in Tennessee Williams's plays and short stories Nancy M. Tischler; 9. Seeking direction Brenda Murphy; 10. Hollywood in crisis: Tennessee Williams and the evolution of the adult film R. Barton Palmer; 11. Tennessee Williams: the last two decades Ruby Cohn; 12. Words on Williams: a bibliographical essay Jacqueline O'Connor; 13. The Strangest Kind of Romance: Tennessee Williams and his Broadway critics Jacqueline O'Connor; Index.


'The addition of Tennessee Williams to the list of subjects in this distinguished series of critical essays confirms his international status among twentieth-century authors. In celebrating his achievement, the critics in this collection offer analysis rather than censure, place Williams' plays in the context of critical thought and provide directors with a basis for mounting the plays afresh.' Studies in Theatre Production
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