Cambridge Companion to Pushkin

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Dezember 2006



The most complete guide to Pushkin's work available in English.


Chronology; Map; Introduction; Part I. Texts and Contexts: 1. Pushkin's life David Bethea and Sergei Davydov; 2. Pushkin's lyric identities Andrew Kahn; 3. Evgenii Onegin Marcus Levitt; 4. Pushkin's drama Caryl Emerson; 5. Pushkin's long poems and the epic impulse Michael Wachtel; 6. Prose fiction Irina Reyfman; 7. Pushkin and politics Oleg Proskurin; 8. Pushkin and history Simon Dixon; 9. Pushkin and the art of the letter Mikhail Gronas; 10. Pushkin and literary criticism William Mills Todd III; Part II. The Pushkinian Tradition: 11. Pushkin in music Boris Gasparov; 12. Pushkin and Russia abroad Robert Hughes; 13. Pushkin filmed: life stories, literary works and variations on the myth Stephanie Sandler; 14. Pushkin in Soviet and post-Soviet culture Evgeny Dobrenko; Appendix on Verse-Forms; Guide to further reading.


Andrew Kahn is University Lecturer in Russian at the University of Oxford.


'... a book that has been written and edited with rare coherence and intelligence.' Phillip Ross Bullock, Wadham College, Oxford 'The Cambridge Companion to Pushkin succeeds brilliantly at its task: not merely to showcase Pushkin's genius but to contextualize it, repeatedly stressing the poet's vitality and relevance to today's world. It is a crucial addition to the library of every Pushkin scholar.' Modern Language Review
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