Cambridge Companion to Proust

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Juni 2001



This Companion aims to provide a broad account of the major features of Proust's work.


Introduction Richard Bales; 1. From Belle Epoque to First World War: the social panorama Cynthia Gamble; 2. The vast structure of recollection: from life to literature William C. Carter; 3. Ruskin and the cathedral of lost souls Diane R. Leonard; 4. The birth and development of A la recherche du temps perdu Marion Schmid; 5. Lost and found: the structure of Proust's novel Roger Shattuck; 6. Proust's Narrator Brian Rogers; 7. The unconscious Jack Jordan; 8. The texture of Proust's novel Joshua Landy; 9. Proust's human comedy Hollie Markland Harder; 10. Proust and social spaces Edward J. Hughes; 11. Love, sexuality and friendship Alison Finch; 12. Proust and the fine arts Richard Bales; 13. Proust and posterity David Ellison; Proust and the art of brevity Malcolm Bowie.


'We are provided with a series of closely analysed descriptions, full of allusive and alliterative phrases with a music of their own.' Modern Language Review
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