The Cambridge Companion to Ockham

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September 2004



Offers a full discussion of all significant aspects of this medieval philosopher's thought.


Introduction Paul Vincent Spade; 1. The academic and intellectual worlds of Ockham William J. Courtenay; 2. Some aspects of Ockham's logic C. G. Normore; 3. Semantics and mental language Claude Panaccio; 4. Is there synonymy in Ockham's mental language? David Chalmers; 5. Ockham's nominalist metaphysics: some main themes Paul Vincent Spade; 6. Ockham's semantics and ontology of the categories Gyula Klima; 7. Ockham's philosophy of nature Andre Goddu; 8. The mechanisms of cognition: Ockham on mediating species Eleonore Stump; 9. Ockham's misunderstood theory of intuitive and abstractive cognition Elizabeth Karger; 10. Ockham's ethical theory Peter King; 11. Ockham on will, nature and morality Marilyn McCord Adams; 12. Natural law and moral omnipotence A. S. McGrade; 13. The political writings John Kilcullen; 14. Ockham on faith and reason Alfred J. Freddoso; 15. Ockham's repudiation of Pelagianism Rega Wood.


'This book is a must read for any student of Ockham, or someone who would like an accessible but scholarly introduction to his thought.' The Southern Baptist Journal of Theology
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