The Cambridge Companion to Nabokov

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A concise introduction to the fascinating creative world of one of the twentieth century's most important writers.


Chronology; Introduction: the many faces of Vladimir Nabokov Julian W. Connolly; Part I. Contexts: 1. Strong opinions and nerve points: Nabokov's life and art Zoran Kuzmanovich; 2. Nabokov as storyteller Brian Boyd; 3. Nabokov as a Russian writer Alexander Dolinin; 4. 'By some sleight of land': how Nabokov rewrote America Susan Elizabeth Sweeney; 5. Nabokov and modernism John Burt Foster, Jr.; Part II. Works: 6. Nabokov as poet Barry Scherr; 7. Nabokov's short fiction Priscilla Meyer; 8. The major Russian novels Julian W. Connolly; 9. From Sirin to Nabokov: the transition to English Neil Cornwell; 10. Nabokov's biographical impulse: art of writing lives Galya Diment; 11. The Lolita phenomenon from Paris to Tehran Ellen Pifer; 12. Nabokov's late fiction Michael Wood; Part III. Related Worlds: 13. Nabokov and cinema Barbara Wyllie; 14. Nabokov's world view Leona Toker; A guide to further reading.


Julian Connolly is Professor and Department Chair of Slavic Languages and Literatures at the University of Virginia.


"The breadth of these essays--some have titles as expansive as 'Nabokov's Worldview'--does not negatively impact their depth. Though the Cambridge Companion does not always break through the density of Nabokov's art, these scholars to describe its complexity exquisitely." - Review of Contemporary Fiction Theodore Louis McDermott "I recommend it to anyone interested in Nabokov." Eric Naiman, Slavic and East European Journal
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