The Cambridge Companion to Modern Latin American Culture

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August 2007



Specially-commissioned essays analyze Latin American history, politics, art and literature from the nineteenth century to the present and reveal the common heritage of pre-Columbian and colonial Latin America. Although the Portuguese and Spanish-speaking states created in the early 1820s differed greatly geographically and demographically (in ethnic composition and economic resources), they also shared distinct historical and cultural traits. A chronology and guide to further reading make this volume an invaluable introduction to the rich and varied culture of modern Latin America.


List of illustrations; Notes on contributors; Acknowledgements; Notes on translations; Chronology of major events; Map 1: Latin America, 1830; Map 2: Latin America, 2000; Introduction John King; 1. Pre-Columbian and colonial Latin America Anthony McFarlane; 2. Latin America since independence James Dunkerley; 3. Spanish American narrative, 1810-1920 Gwen Kirkpatrick; 4. Spanish American narrative, 1920-1970 Jason Wilson; 5. Spanish American narrative since 1970 Gerald Martin; 6. Brazilian narrative Randal Johnson; 7. Latin American poetry William Rowe; 8. Popular culture in Latin America Vivian Schelling; 9. Art and architecture in Latin America Valerie Fraser; 10. Tradition and transformation in Latin American music Catherine den Tandt and Richard Young; 11. The theatre space in Latin America Catherine Boyle; 12. Cinema in Latin America John King; 13. Hispanic USA: literature, music and language Ilan Stavans; Index.


'... no exception to the high standard we have come to expect from this series. ... deserves a place on both library shelves and the shelves of the serious student.' Reference Reviews
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