The Cambridge Companion to Levinas

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November 2011



A convenient and accessible guide to Levinas which emphasises the interdisciplinary significance of his work.


Emmanuel Levinas: a disparate inventory Simon Critchley; 1. Introduction Simon Critchley; 2. Levinas and Judaism Hilary Putnam; 3. Levinas and the face of the other Bernhard Waldenfels; 4. Levinas's critique of Husserl Rudolf Bernet; 5. Levinas and the Talmud Catherine Chalier; 6. Levinas and language John Llewelyn; 7. Levinas, feminism and the feminine Stella Sandford; 8. Sincerity and the end of theodicy: three remarks on Levinas and Kant Paul Davies; 9. Language and alterity in the thought of Levinas Edith Wyschograd; 10. The concepts of art and poetry in Emmanuel Levinas's writings Gerald Bruns; 11. What is the question to which 'substitution' is the answer? Robert Bernasconi; 12. Evil and the temptation of theodicy Richard J. Bernstein.


Simon Critchley is Professor of Philosophy at the University of Essex, Directeur de Programme at the College International de Philosophie and Humboldt Fellow at the University of Frankfurt. Robert Bernasconi is Professor of Philosophy, Moss Professor of Philosophy at the University of Memphis.


'... a provocative and engaging series of essays that serve as [an] introduction ... and as ... points of departure ... it is a worthwhile addition to any contemplation on the variety of topics Emmanuel Levinas addressed during his lifetime.' Philosophical Writings 'the editors ... provide an excellent overview of Levinas's life and work ...' International Journal for Philosophy of Religion 'Critchley's introduction wil now be the standard introductory essay to Levinas's thought, and is accessible to advanced undergraduates.' Religious Studies Review
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