The Cambridge Companion to Leibniz

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September 2004



The most comprehensive account of the full range of Leibniz's thought.


1. Introduction Nicholas Jolley; 2. G. W. Leibniz, life and works Roger Ariew; 3. The seventeenth-century intellectual background Stuart Brown; 4. Metaphysics: the early period to the Discourse on Metaphysics Christia Mercer and R. C. Sleigh Jr; 5. Metaphysics: the late period Donald Rutherford; 6. The theory of knowledge Robert McRae; 7. Philosophy and logic G. H. R. Parkinson; 8. Philosophy and Language in Leibniz Donald Rutherford; 9. Leibniz: physics and philosophy Daniel Garber; 10. Leibniz's ontological and cosmological arguments David Blumenfeld; 11. Perfection and happiness in the best possible world David Blumenfeld; 12. Leibniz's moral philosophy Gregory Brown; 13. The reception of Leibniz in the eighteenth century Catherine Wilson.


"...[this book] will prove to be a valuable compendium for the student of Leibniz who wishes to refresh her recollection of central themes in Leibniz or to acquaint herself with new developments in Leibniz scholarship." Auslegung "This is a book Leibniz buffs can curl up with and one in which novices can find their bearings." Cabadian Philosophical Reviews "Students of seventeenth-century history of science must get this book for their libraries. It is the single best conspectus of recent developments in the interpretation of Leibniz available." George Gale, Isis Book Reviews "I have been able to write about only a little of the wealth that this volume offers us. It should be one of the first books to which philosophers and students turn for help in understanding Leibniz." The Philosophical Review "As with the previous volumes in the Cambridge "Companion" series, this one conforms to the highest standards of research and scholarships...the essays are accessible to anyone with an interest in discovering the richness of Leibniz's philosophy. This collection provides valuable insights for the person newly acquainted with Leibniz, controversial new interpretations for those who are already familiar with the canon." Choice
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