The Cambridge Companion to Kierkegaard

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September 2004



Accessible guide to Kierkegaard available serving as a reference to students and non-specialists.


Introduction Alastair Hannay and Gordon D. Marino; 1. Out with it: the modern breakthrough, Kierkegaard and Denmark Bruce H. Kirmmse; 2. The unknown Kierkegaard: twentieth-century receptions Roger Poole; 3. Art in an age of reflection George Pattison; 4. Kierkegaard and Hegel Merold Westphal; 5. Neither either nor or: the perils of self-irony Andrew Cross; 6. Realism and anti-realism in Kierkegaard's concluding unscientific postscript C. Stephen Evans; 7. Existence, emotion, and virtue: classical themes in Kierkegaard Robert C. Roberts; 8. Faith and the Kierkegaardian leap M. Jamie Ferreira; 9. Arminian edification: Kierkegaard on grace and free will Timothy P. Jackson; 10. Developing fear and trembling Ronald M. Green; 11. Repetition: getting the world back Edward F. Mooney; 12. Anxiety in the Concept of Anxiety Gordon D. Marino; 13. Kierkegaard and the Variety of Despair Alastair Hannay; 14. Kierkegaard's Christian ethics Philip L. Quinn; 15. Religious dialectics and christology Hermann Deuser; 16. The utilitarian self and the 'useless' passion of faith Klaus-M. Kodalle.


'... for the most part, the picture that is painted is of a remarkably postmodern thinker. Long before there was even a modernism to be post, Kierkegaard, it seems, recognised that the single author was dead, and that autonomous texts had taken their place. This is an excellent collection ...'. The Philosophers' Magazine 'While there has been a steady proliferation of edited volumes published on all aspects of Kierkegaard's oeuvre throughout this Renaissance period, Alastair Hannah's and Gordon Marino's The Cambridge Companion to Kierkegaard is especially impressive and noteworthy.' Bulletin of the Hegel Society of Great Britain
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