The Cambridge Companion to John Calvin

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April 2005



An international array of major Calvin scholars considers aspects of Calvin's theological thought and influence. Historians as well as theologians present the major themes in his writings in addition to discussing the ways in which his thought spread and has increasing importance today.


Introduction; Part I. Calvin's Life and Context: 1. Calvin's life Alexandre Ganoczy, translated by David L. Foxgrover and James Schmitt; 2. Calvin's Geneva William G. Naphy; Part II. Calvin's Work: 3. Calvin's writings Wulfert de Greef; 4. Calvin as a biblical interpreter John L. Thompson; 5. Calvin's theology I. John Hesselink; 6. Calvin's ethics Guenther H. Haas; 7. Calvin's preaching Dawn De Vries; 8. Calvin on Piety Joel R. Beeke; 9. Calvin and social-ethical issues Jeannine E. Olson; 10. Calvin and political issues William R. Stevenson, Jr.; 11. Calvin's controversies Richard C. Gamble; Part III. After Calvin: 12. The spread of Calvin's thought Andrew Pettegree; 13. Calvin and Calvinism Carl R. Trueman; 14. Calvin's heritage R. Ward Holder; Part IV. Calvin Today: 15. Calvin's role in church history David F. Wright; 16. The place of Calvin in Christian theology B. A. Gerrish; 17. Calvin in ecumenical context Jane Dempsey Douglass; 18. Calvin in context: current resources Karin Maag and Paul Fields.


Donald K. McKim has served as Academic Dean and Professor of Theology at Memphis Theological Seminary, and Professor of Theology at the University of Dubuque Theological Seminary, in addition to being a pastor in Presbyterian Church (USA) churches. He is the author and editor of over twenty-five books and currently works as Academic and Reference editor for Westminster John Knox Press.


'This [is a] well rounded collection of eighteen essays on Calvin and his legacy ... because they are written by experts in the field, they also reflect the latest understanding and give readers a wide range of fascinating insights into his place in history.' Contemporary Review 'This volume presents a serious engagement with a wide body of writings. It takes in Calvin's position as a Church reformer, giving us a chance to learn from him and his times, and leaving us with food for thought for our Church today.' Baptist Times 'It was indeed a feast to read this recent publication on the life and work of the world famous theologian John Calvin. ... The editor of this publication, Donald K. McKim, who is also a specialist in Calvin research, may be very proud of this publication and of his editorial work. ... The book is written in understandable English which makes it accessible also to the non-theologian to get an overview as well as an insight into the life, work and influence of one of the greatest scholars and theologians of all times. ... I can recommend this book wholeheartedly.' C. F. C. Coetzee, Neotestamentica 'The Cambridge Companion will be a useful tool for students interested in Calvin, the Reformation and Reformed theology.' Themelios '... a valuable addition to all undergraduate libraries and will prove helpful to those who are seeking a brief summary of Calvin's life and work as well as his influence on future generations.' Anvil 'It is of the same quality and high standard as the other volumes in the series that have already been published.' Neotestamentica '... this volume provides a valuable first look at the influential reformer. ... quite suitable for undergraduate students or nonspecialist readers desiring a comprehensive introduction to John Calvin and his thought.' Reviews in Religion and Theology '... a welcome addition to the growing number of titles in the Cambridge Companions to Religion series. ... readable enough for the undergraduate student and yet informative enough for the graduate or postgraduate ... a worthwhile addition to any student's or pastor's theological library. ... a useful collection of valuable research.' Calvin Theological Journal
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