The Cambridge Companion to Edith Wharton

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Oktober 2004



This handbook provides fresh examinations of Wharton's fiction designed to engage the interest of both students and general readers.


Chronology of Wharton's life; Introduction: a critical history Millicent Bell; 1. The social subject in The Age of Innocence Pamela Knights; 2. Edith Wharton and the science of manners Nancy Bentley; 3. Edith Wharton and race Elizabeth Ammons; 4. The Custom of the Country: Spragg and the art of the deal Elaine Showalter; 5. The female conscience in Wharton's shorter fiction Gloria C. Erlich; 6. Law language and ritual in Summer Rhonda Skillern; 7. The House of Mirth: the bachelor and the baby Maureen Howard; 8. The Fruit of the Tree: Justine and the perils of abstract idealism James W. Tuttleton; 9. The Valley of Decision: Edith Wharton's Italian mask William L. Vance; 10. Edith Wharton's Valley of Decision: a rediscovered contemporary critique Vernon Lee; Bibliography; Index.
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