The Cambridge Companion to Durkheim

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Mai 2005



Long recognized as a foundational figure in the development of social scientific thought, Emile Durkheim's work has been the subject of intense debate over the years. This authoritative and comprehensive collection of essays re-examines the impact of Durkheim's thought, considering the historical significance of his work as well as evaluating his ideas in relation to current issues and debates. Leading authorities in the field have contributed to this landmark volume that redefines the relevance of Durkheim to the human sciences in the twenty-first century.


"This book is a collection of essays on Emile Durkheim edited by Jeffrey Alexander and Philip Smith and is one of the few anthologies to appear on Durkheim in many years. Its main aim is to examine the impact of Durkheim's writings by reconsidering the historical context of his work in the light of the recent resurgence of interest in Durkheim world wide." --Ken Morrison, Canadian Journal of Sociology Onlince "A welcome addition to an understanding of Durkheim's accomplishments and appreciation of his influence." --Choice
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