The Cambridge Companion to D. H. Lawrence

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August 2006



This Companion offers a series of alternative perspectives on the writer D. H. Lawrence.


Notes on contributors; Acknowledgements; Chronology; List of abbreviations; Introduction Anne Fernihough; Part I. Texts: 1. Ideas, histories, generations and beliefs: the early novels to Sons and Lovers Rick Rylance; 2. Narrating sexuality: The Rainbow Marianna Torgovnick; 3. Sex and the nation: 'The Prussian Officer' and Women in Love Hugh Stevens; 4. Decolonising imagination: Lawrence in the 1920s Mark Kinkead-Weekes; 5. Work and selfhood in Lady Chatterley's Lover Morag Shiach; 6. Lawrence's tales Con Coroneos and Trudi Tate; 7. Lawrence's poetry Helen Sword; 8. Lawrence as dramatist John Worthen; Part II. Contexts and Critical Issues: 9. The biographical issue: lives of Lawrence Paul Eggert; 10. Lawrence and modernism Michael Bell; 11. Lawrence and the politics of sexual politics Drew Milne; 12. Lawrence and psychoanalysis Fiona Becket; 13. Apocalypse now (and then). Or, D. H. Lawrence and the swan in the electron Sandra M. Gilbert; 14. Post-mortem: Lawrence's critical and cultural legacy Chris Baldick; Guide to further reading Paul Poplawski; Index.


'The excellent Companion certainly testifies to Lawrence's multifariousness, managing to do justice to a substantial amount of his achievement; to survey his critical legacy; and to add valuable new approaches to it.' Times Literary Supplement '... particularly good on lesser-known aspects of his work such as the plays and poems.' English Studies
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