The Cambridge Companion to Crime Fiction

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In addition to covering the "detective" fiction of writers like Arthur Conan Doyle, Agatha Christie and Raymond Chandler, this collection of British and American crime fiction considers other kinds of fiction where crime plays a substantial part, such as the thriller and spy fiction. Ranging over the last three centuries, it includes chapters on the analysis of crime in eighteenth-century literature; French and Victorian fiction; women and black detectives; crime on film and TV; and police fiction and postmodernist uses of the detective form.


Chronology; Introduction: crime fiction and detective fiction; 1. Eighteenth-century crime writing Ian A. Bell; 2. The Newgate novel and sensation fiction, 1830-1868 Lynn Pykett; 3. The short story from Poe to Chesterton Martin Kayman; 4. French crime fiction Sita Schutt; 5. The golden age Stephen Knight; 6. The private eye Dennis Porter; 7. Spy fiction Davis Seed; 8. The thriller David Glover; 9. Postwar American police fiction LeRoy Lad Panek; 10. Postwar British crime fiction Martin Priestman; 11. Women detectives Maureen T. Reddy; 12. Black crime fiction Andrew Pepper; 13. Crime on film and TV Nickianne Moody; 14. Detection and literary fiction Laura Marcus; Guide to further reading.
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