The Cambridge Companion to Christopher Marlowe

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Sixteen leading scholars provide authoritative chapters on relevant topics of Marlowe's life and works in this complete introduction to the famed pioneer of both the Elizabethan stage and modern English poetry. The essays cover his texts and style, use of classicism, and representations of sexuality and gender, as well as of geography and identity. The volume also considers the religious, political, courtly, and literary contexts of Marlowe's authorship, his presence in modern film and theater, and his influence on subsequent writers.


1. Introduction: Marlowe in the twenty-first century Patrick Cheney; 2. Marlowe's life David Riggs; 3. Marlovian texts and authorship Laurie Maguire; 4. Marlowe and style Russ McDonald; 5. Marlowe and the politics of religion Paul Whitfield White; 6. Marlowe and the English literary scene James P. Bednarz; 7. Marlowe's poems and classicism Georgia Brown; 8. Tamburlaine the Great, Parts One and Two Mark Thornton Burnett; 9. The Jew of Malta Julia Reinhard Lupton; 10. Edward II Thomas Cartelli; 11. Doctor Faustus Thomas Healy; 12. Dido, Queen of Carthage and The Massacre at Paris Sara Munson Deats; 13. Tragedy, patronage, and power Richard Wilson; 14. Geography and identity in Marlowe Garrett A. Sullivan, Jr.; 15. Marlowe's men and women: gender and sexuality Kate Chedgzoy; 16. Marlowe in theatre and film Lois Potter; 17. Marlowe's reception and influence Lisa Hopkins.


Patrick Cheney is Professor of English and Comparative Literature at Pennsylvania State University. He is the author of Marlowe's Counterfeit Profession: Ovid, Spenser, Counter-Nationhood (1997) and Spenser's Famous Flight: A Renaissance Idea of a Literary Career (1993).


'This collection of seventeen essays gives readers the latest thinking on him and his works ... will prove invaluable to students of their respective subjects.' Contemporary Review 'The Companion can be recommended for its detailed information on all aspects of Marlowe's life and work and for the productive use it makes of modern scholarship and critical approaches. Its authoritative contributors and its orderly arrangement of topics make it an accessible and stimulating source for all those interested in Elizabethan literature and in theatre studies.' Reference Reviews 'This collection of seventeen wide-ranging essays testifies to the rich and exciting development of Marlovian studies currently taking place. The book brings together a number of scholarly and stimulating essays by some of the leading critics in the field ... this volume will doubtless serve as a work of reference on Marlowe for many years to come. ... I warmly recommend the collection for academic libraries and students of Marlovian studies: the Companion provides an absorbing introduction for readers new to Marlowe's works, but also a good source of reference for those already more engaged with the Marlovian tradition.' Journal of Theatre Research International
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