The Cambridge Companion to Christian Ethics

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This book is written by leading international experts in Christian ethics and is aimed at students in upper-level undergraduate courses, at teachers and at graduate students. It will be useful as well to ministers and other professionals within the church. Its eighteen chapters provide a thorough introduction to Christian ethics that is both authoritative and up-to-date. All contributors have been chosen because they are significant scholars with a proven track record of balanced, comprehensive and comprehensible writing.


Preface; Part I. The Grounds of Christian Ethics and the Bible: 1. Making moral decisions Rowan Williams; 2. The authority of scripture and Christian ethics Gareth Jones; 3. The Old Testament and Christian ethics John Rogerson; 4. The Gospels and Christian ethics Timothy P. Jackson; 5. The Epistles and Christian ethics Stephen C. Barton; Part II. Approaches to Christian Ethics: 6. Natural law and Christian ethics Stephen C. Pope; 7. Virtue ethics Jean Porter; 8. Gender and Christian ethics Lisa Sowle Cahill; 9 Liberation ethics Tim Gorringe; 10. Christian ethics: a Jewish perspective Ronald M. Green; 11. Other faiths and Christian ethics Gavin D'Costa; Part III. Issues in Christian Ethics: 12. Christianity and war R. John Elford; 13. The arms trade and Christian ethics Robin Gill; 14. Social justice and welfare Duncan B. Forrester; 15. Ecology and Christian ethics Michael S. Northcott; 16 Business, economics and Christian ethics Max L. Stackhouse; 17. World family trends Don Browning; 18. Christian ethics, medicine, and genetics James F. Childress; Select bibliography; Index.


'The Cambridge Companion to Christian Ethics successfully lives up to the considerable reputation established by the rest of the outstanding texts in this series ... the organization of this Cambridge volume brilliantly lends itself to the classroom, moving gracefully from the theoretical, through the methodological, and ending with practical questions. This companion to Christian ethics should become the standards text for ethics courses taught at seminaries and in upper level philosophy courses that focus on religion and ethics. It should become a standard text for the serious study of Christian ethics.' Religious Studies Review
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