The Cambridge Companion to Aristotle

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November 2005



An introductory chapter provides an account of Aristotle's life and then guides the reader through the complex subject of what Aristotle actually wrote as a basis for characterizing his philosophical development. Subsequent chapters cover Aristotle's writings on logic, metaphysics, science, psychology, ethics, politics, rhetoric, and poetics.


Introduction: Aristotle's writings; 1. Life and work Jonathan Barnes; 2. Logic Robin Smith; 3. Metaphysics Jonathan Barnes; 4. Philosophy of science R. J. Hankinson; 5. Science R. J. Hankinson; 6. Psychology Stephen Everson; 7. Ethics D. S. Hutchinson; 8. Politics C. C. W. Taylor; 9. Rhetoric and poetics Jonathan Barnes.


"This lively collection serves its purpose well." Ethics "...a clear, concise, well organized, comprehensive treatment of Aristotle's philosophy." Howard J. Curzer, Canadian Philosophical Review "The book is above all an inspring and informative guide for philosophically ambitious students of Aristotle, but even a more advanced reader finds much of interest and pleasure in it." Bryn Mawr Classical Review "The Cambridge Companion to Aristotle is a must read for any Aristotelian scholar, but it is also beneficial to a reader with little knowledge of ancient thought. This is a great value for anyone's library." Steve W. Lamke, The Theological Educator
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